About Us 

Description of services

At Kittiwake we believe that God is pleased with worship that comes from the heart. Music is a heart language and allows us to connect with God in a unique fashion. We love to sing and God loves to hear us sing. We have different preferences at our church and so we have attempted to design worship services that would help the worshippers connect with God in a way that appeals to them. We currently have two services offering different styles:

Celebration service, 8:30am Sunday mornings

This service is led by a praise band, made up of guitars, drums and a keyboard. We also have vocalists that help lead the congregation in worship. It is an informal atmosphere where there are no bulletins or formal structures in place. If you prefer a more laid back approach with modern styles of music this is the service for you.

Classic Service,11am Sunday mornings

The style of this service is more formal. While there are some praise songs included, the emphasis is on the historic hymns of the faith. The music and singing is led by the choir.  If you are comfortable with a more formal approach and prefer familiarity to change, then this service is for you.

Both services contain the same biblical message.