Kittiwake Re-opening
This past week Governor Henry Mcmaster conducted a virtual conference with southern Baptist pastors and leaders from across the state. We were informed that churches would be allowed to meet providing social distancing measures were enforced. This was great news for us and as a result we are planning on opening our service for Mother’s Day, May 10. In order to accomplish this there are a few items to consider:
– The sanctuary has been marked and measured and we can accommodate around 135 people while still maintaining social distancing. This means that we would need to determine who plans to come.
· We will have two services, the first at 9:00 am and the second at 11am.
· The services will be identical with only the second being livestreamed.
Here is what needs to happen in order for us to meet:
Our Part:
· Make sure the building and restrooms are adequately sanitized.
· Provide marked seating in the worship area that maintains social distancing.
· Hand sanitizer stations located at doors of worship center.
Your part:
· If you are sick or show any symptoms please do not attend.
· If you are in any way vulnerable please do not attend.
· Although it is not mandated we would encourage you to wear a mask.
· Please respect and maintain social distancing protocols.
· No physical contact. Please no hugging, handshaking, etc.
· Arrive at least 15 minutes before the service begins.
We fully recognize that some of you may feel that it is too early to start meeting and if that is the case please do not feel any pressure to come. We will still be conducting online services on a weekly basis so you will not be missing anything. One of our core values is personal responsibility and so we encourage you to base your decisions on your own personal comfort level. There is a risk involved in meeting together but we believe it is a calculated risk and we desire to slowly begin the process of resuming our regular activities. At this point we are talking only about a worship service which means:
· There will be no nursery or on campus children’s activities until further notice.
· Sunday school classes and Wednesday night activities will still be conducted online.
In order to make adequate preparations we need to have some idea of who would plan to attend. Once we have this we will update you as soon as possible regarding next week’s service. In the comment section if you could indicate if you plan on coming plus how many in your family will be coming with you. Please refrain from debate in the comment section, we are only looking for an idea of who plans on coming.
Thank you so much. Blessings, Pastor Tim.